Mr Wow's Emporium

97b Smith Street, Fitzroy

Head south on the 86 tram and you’ll find Mr Wow’s Emporium. Just shy of Gertrude, this fun loving bar has free, freshly popped popcorn, indoor bocce & a pool table. The massive, cosy outdoor conservatory overlooks the hustle and bustle of Smith Street. 

Think of a cool, younger brother when comparing Wow’s to its sister bars in the CBD. Lily Blacks, Double Happiness and New Gold Mountain all possess a certain personality and panache that the city’s grown to know and love - Wow’s space speaks for itself - and believe it or not, this ongoing entertainment doesn’t cost a penny.

Behind the 6 metre curved bar is a no-nonsense policy. Venue Manager, Tom Scott, has been in the game for far too long to ever let his cocktail wisdom compromise the relaxed atmosphere of the bar. The menu is short, sweet and to the point leaving no room for pretension. Heels, sneakers, jeans or suits are all welcome at Mr Wow’s.

Big enough to hold more than 100 pax, Wow’s capacity to host a party is practically effortless. The large, wooden communal tables make it the perfect spot for sharing jugs and stories.

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